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cropped-thumb_img_2544_1024.jpgTo survive and inspire leaving a legacy!

As I begin my blog I first want to WELCOME YOU! Now, you are probably wondering if we have anything in common and I do want to make a good, first impression here.  Let me assure you, that if you have ever survived anything in life, then yes, we already have things in common.  You see, to survive anything is truly an accomplishment, however to survive and inspire is a legacy worth talking about! 

I believe we are all capable people and survivors of many things.  I want to feature stories of true survivors who have inspired me, and share some of my own personal triumphs to hopefully inspire you.  I have experienced a great deal in my life and learned several, survival lessons along the way that made me who I am today.  I have been described as strong, empowered and determined.  These descriptions I won’t deny.

We all have fears and while you likely have already conquered yours, I want to be able to give you more hope and inspiration for what could be your biggest challenges yet!

I’ve always had the “can do” attitude, believing if you put your mind to doing anything you will succeed.  Like the determination it took to train for my very first 1/2 marathon and later my first 1/2 Ironman, timed relay event in 2015.  I believe you can accomplish anything, it just takes is belief, believing in yourself first, then will power, planning, training and goal setting.  Never, ever take your eyes off the prize!  Your belief in yourself has to be so strong, because of the bad days and if you don’t believe in yourself first, then who will?

The idea of starting a blog post on Inspiring Survivors was born out of the love of story telling.  I know I have been inspired on so many fronts by others, champions in their own right from a quadruple amputee, to a successful millionaire who was diagnosed with a deadly disease.  So if I can inspire someone just 1/10th of what I have been inspired, then starting this page will have accomplished a great deal more than you can possibly know.

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Ultimate Survivor; Conquering my fears!


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