Inspiring Women Everywhere: what keeps holding you back?


1/2 Ironman 70.3  relay race, 21.1K completed at Mont Tremblant, QC.


I’m 62 years young and figured this might be my last long distance race: are you kidding me!!  I loved this race, even though it is one of the toughest I have ever run because of all the hills (it’s ski country!).  You are never too old to start something new, and I have proven that.  I have only been seriously running for just 10 years now.

What holds you back in one thing, holds you back in everything.  Set a NEW GOAL for yourself for your health and fitness.  Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you should slack off.  Take baby steps to get you where you want to go, even if that means enjoying your summer and modifying your goals.  If your goals are too big you might just be setting yourself up for disappointment.

This year my goals were to run the 1/2 marathon and another event in September that is even longer.  I could hardly train this past winter so I decided I could run/walk and still qualify for finishing (and I did!).  For some reason this year I was just so full of energy, power and determination and I did better than I expected. I know feeding my body proper nutrition is key to feeling youthful, and I added some new nutritional products that just might have put me over the top!  I can’t wait for my next event end of September, the 26.1K Commander Run (5K+21.1K) Army Run. I get to run beside real heroes in life who just want to be thanked for their service and not put on a podium.

If you are looking to improve in any area of your health, weight loss, endurance and performance or healthy aging, I’d like to help you get there. I like to educate people one at a time and give them real ideas they can incorporate into their busy lives.  Not everyone gets what I do, so I don’t mind if we just chat.  Isn’t it time you put yourself first? I have coached over 1100 people individually, free of charge!  If you like my recommendations then it is a win/win situation.  It’s your health ~ and it matters!